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Now celebrating 14 Years of Porsche Club, UAE gives this Founding Member motivation to offer old and new members some exciting events for the 2012/13 season. Look for the great Road Tours and family days out around the emirates and the educational Porsche Driving Experience Days at the YAS F1 Circuit in Abu-Dhabi. When not busy with the Porsche Club, UAE. Karim can be found racing Internationally. In the UAE he will be driving in the Porsche Middle East GT3 Cup with Al Nabooda Racing

Porsche Collection: Carrera GT 2005, 996 GT2 2003, 993 Turbo 1998, 993 Turbo 1997, 964 Turbo 1991, 930 SE "Flachbau" Turbo Cabriolet 1989, Cayenne 2008

Others: Lamborghini LP640, AMG E63

Karim Al-Azhari





Vice President & Treasurer

Shahid A. Baloch has been a Porsche enthusiast since he was a teenager. He joined the Club soon after its founding with his first Porsche, a 993 which he enjoyed for 8 years. He joined the Committee in 2002 and is involved in all aspects of the Club's activities with a special focus on organising drive events. He currently owns a GT3 RS which he fondly refers to as "Tangerine Dream".

Shahid Baloch

Vice President & Treasurer




Motorsports Director

Martin first experienced Porsche in Australia, his home country, around 25 years ago at the age of 16, in a 964 C2 as a passenger ride on curvaceous country roads. He later spent a full day at the importers track day in 1990, testing 968, 928 and the then innovative C2 with tiptronic.

Martin heads the Motorsport Department and has been actively involved with all events and the committee since 2000, when he owned a 986 Boxster.

Martin recently added a new 997 GT3 to his collection, proudly sitting next to his previous car, a Mark 1 996 GT3.

He is looking forward to the 2012/13 Porsche Club UAE season, the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix and the growing impetus for trackdays and motorsport.

Martin Baerschmidt

Motorsports Director




Club Secretary

While growing and in the mid 80s the image Adel used to see while waking up or going to bed, were the curves of the superb and super rare 959, a poster that was never meant to leave his room.

Adel was then again bitten by the Porsche bug, when he was a passenger in a 935 flatnose "Flachbau", and then a 928GT.

After acquiring a 986 Boxster in 2005, he joined the club and immediately involved himself in the excitement. Currently he is the Club Secretary, and pilots a jet black 997 GT3

Adel Arslan

Club Secretary

info@porscheclubuae.com & adelarslan@yahoo.com



PR& Comminication

Saif is the first of his family to want to own a sports car. He set immediately to find the best car. His options were limited and he knew he had to choose wisely.

After many sleepless nights and extreme debates; he finally decided and his decision was a perfect one. He landed himself none other than the mighty German pure breed, the Porsche 911. His happiness culminated when he was handed the keys to the super rare color Porsche, a Zanzibar red 997.2 GT3 3.8

Saif Hattawi

PR& Comminication




Motorsports Operation Manager

I joined the club in 2005 when I first joined the Porsche family with my 2005 Carrera S. After enjoying several years of road tours, track days and social outings I left Dubai on a 2 year hiatus to the USA. Upon returning, I rejoined the club as a member and have been enjoying every event and outing since, as well as beginning my motorsport career which I largely credit the Club for incubating. Currently owning a 997.1 GT3

Bashar Mardini

Motorsports Operation Manager




Events Manager

After experienced basic safety driving trainings mainly on Hockenheimring in the 90’s and afterwards joining Driving Experiences from Basic till Professional Level for many years, I decided to realize my youth dream and bought my first 996 Porsche Carrera within my second year living in UAE in 2009.

Eight months later I made my second dream to reality and bought a Porsche Carrera latest state of art and I’m enjoying a white 997 Carrera 4S (2nd generation).

I joined the Porsche Club since I wished to be in a professional environment with sympathetic members, a superb Committee and a variety of excellent driving events / road tours and social activities.

The combination of driving a Porsche Carrera, being active in the Porsche Club UAE with all it’s widespread activities, driving on one of the world’s best Racetrack (YAS) , and to experience the gorgeous Road trips through the UAE-desert & mountains, is something which can hardly be described with words…….this needs to be experienced !

Juergen Heneka

Events Manager